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The beauty of the line; a connection.


Intense, smudged, expressive, bold, subtle. Add in the shape, colour and texture of playful paint.  A vocabulary all of its own- capable of expressing the sensations of our beings- warmth, brittle, strong, excited, vulnerable, quiet... the odd, the imperfect, the strange. And a different, interesting type of beauty. When junctions of paint nudge into each other and make each other more, my heart sings. It's a relationship.

There's also a sensitivity to the things in life we all tangle with and the startling specialness in simple everyday things. Above all... it's wonderful, rich, textural, joy-bringing, want-to-plant-your-face-in-it... paint. 

Shipping- FREE within the UK.  World wide shipping on request.


current paintings

the lollipop men

A light hearted interpretation referencing the British lollipop man and the children's wrapped sweet. Each boy with his own crazy secret personality for his time off.

Designed to be hung on the wall; they can be free standing if placed in a floor holder.
Displayed here each with and without the cellophane wrapper for clarity of viewing on line.  



natural world


the white shirt collection

The white shirt is an investigation into the formal male wear, a covering close to the skin and a protective layer. The role of inanimate objects and the possibility that they hold memories of our experiences. The paintings follow a long working day and the narrative of events expressed in mark making. A celebration also of pauses, those special fragments of time where something happens....and every moment counts.


found objects

Found objects and paint
with a thought concept. A jump of rational thought. I'm interested in the inanimate nature of objects, the charge they hold, the communication they offer.