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The inanimate nature of objects, the charge they hold, the communication they offer and the personality of objects.  Often if we hold an object in our hands that has belonged to someone else it carries their shared physical experiences, sometimes it also has another feeling; a feeling of that person, of what went before.

contemporary grandmother clocks


I create personalities of imagined contemporary grannies. Here are some examples, and I can make your granny- real or imagined- once we have a list of personality traits. You can be as conservative and sensitive as you wish or out and out outrageous. It's your family!

The wood used is mostly reclaimed wood from a charitable trust, Aldingbourne Country Centre; it is stripped, cleaned and brushed and then dried out to the correct moisture content for indoor furniture. As all of the wood is reclaimed, each clock will have its own slight differences as dictated by the wood- be it scaffold planks, floor boards, pallets or other wood that comes their way- it will have naturally occurring splits and bends plus some knocks and dents from previous experiences. It will retain its own characteristics of having been around the block a few times..



The basic clock construction is done by professional crafts people at Aldingbourne Country Centre using reclaimed wood. The lead time is confirmed once the order is confirmed but around 6-8 weeks is usual. Sometimes, as we have to wait until the right type of reclaimed wood comes into the workshop, it may be longer. Once your granny is constructed, she comes to me for her personality transplant and individual detailing.

Below are some examples of our grannies with attitude;

rebel granny

Happy to shock so is also known as 'Get your tits out Granny.' This granny was one of the original women at Greenham Common protesting against nuclear weapons and burning her bra in protest and in support of equality for women. She's still a rebel at heart even though she seems to fit in with wider society. She wears sexy underwear because it pleases her and is happy to give a discrete finger gesture to those in authority. She is just quietly getting on with life on her own terms and keeping it legal.

Initial non refundable £100 deposit and then £685 balance once the design is confirmed


in production;

Disco Granny - pink, fun and with glitter paint and balls, dancing legs and high heels. A real disco diva

Punk Granny- matt and gloss black, cool, moody, eyeliner, tats and piercings, purple mohican hair cu